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Patience Quotes

Patience is a virtue possessed by a handful of the world's population. It is not that difficult to cultivate this virtue. When the advantages of patience are listed probably only then would it get the credit that it truly deserves. Being restless and in an eternal hurry only brings with it confusion and raised tempers. Endurance and persistence are to be ingrained in the kid from a tender age for them to be disciplined and prepared. Read the quotes on patience to know more.

Rhea Chakraborty

Patience is the name of the game in Bollywood.

I was a big Guns N' Roses fan when I was seven. My friend who lived across the street had long dark curly hair and I had long blonde hair, so I'd dress up as Axl and she'd be Slash, and we'd rock out in front of the mirror singing 'Patience.'

Julie Bowen

It's a war of attrition. If you have patience and a modicum of faith in yourself your chances are not too bad.

Laurence J. Peter

Fortune knocks but once, but misfortune has much more patience.

Jennifer Garner

I'm a peace-maker, I can fit into a lot of situations. I'm pretty easygoing. I have a lot of patience.

Rami Malek

Of course I would never compare myself to someone who actually went through a war, but I definitely matured shooting 'The Pacific.' I'm more calm and I have more patience.

I'm not really easy to live with! There needs to be unlimited patience and unconditional love. Men I've known before loved my independent spirit and were proud of my success, to the point that they'd become jealous of the time I devote to my career.

Love Time Success
Julius Caesar

It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

Dustin Poirier

I feel like I've always been a great fighter but I'm learning the patience part of it and not getting overwhelmed with emotion and adrenaline and going out there and brawling like a maniac.

Anne Hathaway

Kindness is really important to me in finding my own prince - so are patience and a sense of humor. Without those qualities he's no Prince Charming!

Elizabeth Taylor

It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.

Ralph Fiennes

Gardeners are good at nurturing, and they have a great quality of patience, they're tender. They have to be persistent.

Good Greatness Gardening
Carl Jung

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.

John Dryden

Beware the fury of a patient man.

Dalai Lama

In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher.

Billy Graham

Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent.

Thomas Jefferson

Always take hold of things by the smooth handle.

Cillian Murphy

Patience is something that, as a young man, I didn't have - when waiting for parts to arrive or waiting for people to behave as I wanted them to.

Franklin P. Jones

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have for instance.


Patience is key for getting over a breakup. That, and trailing off your interaction after the breakup.

Anjelica Huston

You have to have patience and confidence that your things will let you know where they need to go. Particularly artwork. Paintings will tell you where they want to be.

Samuel Johnson

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

Isaac Newton

If I have done the public any service, it is due to my patient thought.

Hermann Hesse

Writing is good, thinking is better. Cleverness is good, patience is better.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I'm very caring with animals. I think patience is a big deal, because animals are always jumping around. I love to take care of people, so I think I'd be a good vet. I always wanted to be a vet when I was little.

Bob Woodward

I believe there's too little patience and context to many of the investigations I read or see on television.

Patience is key. You can't get selfish, and that's the number one thing I've learned at WWE. The world continues to go round, and I just knew - given the right opportunity and the right moment - that the world would know I was good, but now the world knows that I'm great.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Charlie Chaplin

I do not have much patience with a thing of beauty that must be explained to be understood. If it does need additional interpretation by someone other than the creator, then I question whether it has fulfilled its purpose.

Saint Augustine

Patience is the companion of wisdom.

Ambrose Bierce

Patience, n. A minor form of dispair, disguised as a virtue.

Elon Musk

Patience is a virtue, and I'm learning patience. It's a tough lesson.

To make a full-blooded puff pastry, you need time, you need patience, and you need precision. It's all about the lamination: it's all about building up the layers of butter, dough, butter, dough; as the butter melts, it creates steam, and that brings up the layers of the two doughs apart from each other, and that's what gives it the rise.

Joseph Addison

Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures.

Elbert Hubbard

How many a man has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience would have achieved success.

Success Time Success
Isaac Newton

Genius is patience.

Helen Keller

We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.

Napolean Hill

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

Success Success
Simone Weil

Humility is attentive patience.

James Russell Lowell

Endurance is the crowning quality, And patience all the passion of great hearts.

John Ruskin

Endurance is nobler than strength, and patience than beauty.

Kin Hubbard

Lack of pep is often mistaken for patience.

Mahatma Gandhi

If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.

Lao Tzu

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.

Gertrude Stein

I have declared that patience is never more than patient. I too have declared, that I who am not patient am patient.

I would be horrible at Twitter. I wouldn't know the answer to fans' questions half the time - and the patience involved! I couldn't imagine. I did have a Twitter account that I tried for a couple days, but found I had nothing to say.

As wonderful as they were, my parents didn't teach me anything about self-discipline, concentration, patience, or focus. If I hadn't had a family myself, I probably never would've done anything. Marriage taught me responsibility.

George Santayana

It takes patience to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits prefer unhappiness.

I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good. I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens.

I don't think one should attribute the success and failure of a film to a single actor. When you decide to do a film, you weigh the pros and cons before taking a call. Only when you run out of patience, get insecure, and feel your career is heading nowhere do you sign anything that comes your way.

Michael Jordan

I'm patient.

William Shakespeare

How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?

Baltasar Gracian

Let him that hath no power of patience retire within himself, though even there he will have to put up with himself.

Michael Douglas

Learning patience was not an easy lesson.

And I love that even in the toughest moments, when we're all sweating it - when we're worried that the bill won't pass, and it seems like all is lost - Barack never lets himself get distracted by the chatter and the noise. Just like his grandmother, he just keeps getting up and moving forward... with patience and wisdom, and courage and grace.

This is me, a sinner on whom the Lord has turned his gaze. And this is what I said when they asked me if I would accept my election as pontiff. I am a sinner, but I trust in the infinite mercy and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I accept in a spirit of penance.

Gigi Hadid

I don't really have the patience to do my hair, which is why it's always parted down the middle, slicked, in a low ponytail or a messy high bun. I'm too lazy to do my own hair, but I like doing my makeup.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

No one thought the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would happen, but I had patience.

Chris Pine

Dating someone on the opposite end of the happy spectrum teaches you an incredible amount of patience.

Ambrose Bierce

Meekness: Uncommon patience in planning a revenge that is worth while.

Revenge Worth
Benjamin Franklin

He that can have patience can have what he will.

George W. Bush

I think you can judge from somebody's actions a kind of a stability and sense of purpose perhaps created by strong religious roots. I mean, there's a certain patience, a certain discipline, I think, that religion helps you achieve.

Discipline Religion
Paul Walker

I pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. That's it. I don't have the time or patience for anything else. I'm a natural kind of guy. I don't style my hair - never learned how.

Ryan Reynolds

I think we can all use a little more patience. I get a little impatient sometimes and I wish I didn't. I really need to be more patient.

Pope Francis

God always has patience.

Jon Favreau

I don't have a lot of patience for movies that aren't cleanly told.


For correct writing, the cultivation of patience and mental accuracy is essential. Throughout the young author's period of apprenticeship, he must keep reliable dictionaries and textbooks at his elbow; eschewing as far as possible that hasty extemporaneous manner of writing which is the privilege of more advanced students.

Francis Bacon

Who ever is out of patience is out of possession of their soul.

I would love to write a screenplay for 'Badlands' one day. I don't think I could ever have the patience to do it; I don't even have the patience to write songs. I write some of the shortest songs ever because I don't have the patience.

My mother is a ball of fire in the world, and I love that about her. But what I have learned from my stepdad is something as important, which is patience and compassion. Because when you are living with someone else, those two qualities go a long way.

If I spent all my time criticising myself, I wouldn't be able to function. There are actors who theorise till the cows come home. I haven't the patience for them. It's maybe shallow, but that's why I'll never be part of the acting set.

Ted Cruz

When, President Obama, do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end to that unbridled audacity of yours swaggering about as it does now?

Tom Brady

I like playing. I wouldn't be a good coach. I don't have the patience to be a coach.

Kevin Hart

The one thing about the business of entertainment is that you have to learn patience.

Angelina Jolie

Brad will tell you. He puts a movie on, I'm asleep in 10 minutes. I have no patience. But the kids love action movies with comedy, Jackie Chan and all that.

Love Action