News is something which we all are largely dependent on. These news quotes and famous information quotations and sayings will let you know what news is about.

News Quotes

Be it a murder or office politics or the celebrity scoops; everyone craves for a little gossip that they havenít heard of and wish to keep themselves updated with the latest happenings. There are various mediums like TV, radio, internet or word of mouth through which you can perceive the news. Anything which is new or any unknown information that creates ripples in the world can be news! Read this article if you want to know about the famous information quotation and sayings.

Whenever I was upset by something in the papers, Jack always told me to be more tolerant, like a horse flicking away flies in the summer.

- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Never write on a subject until you have read yourself full of it.

- Jean Paul

Listening to a news broadcast is like smoking a cigarette and crushing the butt in the ashtray.

- Milan Kundera

Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.

- Thomas Jefferson

I think television's become a downright dangerous thing. It has no moral barometer whatsoever. If you want to talk about something that is all about money, just watch the television.

- Tom Petty

Bad news isn't wine. It doesn't improve with age.

- Colin Powell

Media is just a word that has come to mean bad journalism.

- Graham Greene

Accuracy to a newspaper is what virtue is to a lady; but a newspaper can always print a retraction.

- Adlai Stevenson

I love acting but I don't like all of the other stuff associated with it. The interest in celebrities, the press, the Internet, when your identity becomes mixed up in the way people are preceving you.

- Nicole Kidman

The truth is not wonderful enough to suit the newspapers; so they enlarge upon it, and invent ridiculous embellishments.

- Anne Sullivan

CBS news anchor Dan Rather has interviewed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. When asked what it was like to talk to a crazy man, Saddam said, It's not so bad.

- Conan O\'Brien

Earlier today, Arnold Schwarzenegger criticized the California school system, calling it disastrous. Arnold says California's schools are so bad that its graduates are willing to vote for me.

- Conan O\'Brien

In West Virginia yesterday, a man was arrested for stealing several blow-up dolls. Reportedly, police didn't have any trouble catching the man because he was completely out of breath.

- Conan O\'Brien

If some great catastrophe is not announced every morning, we feel a certain void. Nothing in the paper today, we sigh.

- Lord Acton

Here's something to think about: How come you never see a headline like 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?

- Jay Leno

The New York Times' list is a bunch of crap. They ought to call it the editor's choice. It sure isn't based on sales

- Howard Stern

The good news is that Jesus is coming back. The bad news is that he's really pissed off.

- Bob Hope

I have the New York Daily News to thank for the jeans controversy.

- Calvin Klein

False history gets made all day, any day, the truth of the new is never on the news.

- Adrienne Rich

A good newspaper is never nearly good enough but a lousy newspaper is a joy forever.

- Garrison Keillor

My very first magazine cover was the National Enquirer.

- Carrie Underwood

No one knows who is listening, say nothing you would not wish put in the newspapers.

- Charles Spurgeon

Have you noticed that life, with murders and catastrophes and fabulous inheritances, happens almost exclusively in newspapers?

- Jean Anouilh

Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock.

- Ben Hecht

Today's gossip is tomorrow's headline.

- Walter Winchell

Internationalism, illustrated by the Bolshevik and by the men to whom all countries are alike provided they can make money out of them, is to me repulsive.

- Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.

- Hillary Clinton

One day after laying a wreath at the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr., President Bush appoints a federal judge who has built his career around dismantling Dr. King's legacy.

- Hillary Clinton

I love to run smart essays and commentary. But it doesn't replace the other kind of reporting.

- Tina Brown

While attendance at traditional churches has been declining for decades... the evangelical movement is growing, and it is changing the way America worships.

- Tom Brokaw

Speaking generally, people who are drawn to journalism are interested in what happens from the ground up less than they are from the top down.

- Tom Brokaw

I like to talk on TV about those things that aren't worth writing about.

- Truman Capote

With half the race gone, there is half the race still to go.

- Murray Walker

This is much bigger than Russia, ... The real issue here is that the global economy now is more integrated and good news, along with bad news, travels fast.

- Dean Stanley

The only gossip I'm interested in is things from the Weekly World News - 'Woman's bra bursts, 11 injured'. That kind of thing.

- Johnny Depp

I'm a big fan. I've always been a news junkie,

- Stephen Colbert

If you watch the news and don't like it, then this is your counter program to the news.

- Jon Stewart

You open a newspaper and see a picture taken in a war somewhere, and there's a gun in somebody's hand

- Andrew M. Niccol

I think almost every newspaper in the United States has lost circulation due to the Internet. I also think the Internet will lead to a lot of plagiarism in journalism.

- Will McDonough

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