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Devil Quotes

Do evil spirits exist? Some of us may argue by saying 'yes, they do' and some would probably disagree. Of course, a very few of us have ever witnessed someone being possessed by a spirit and feel that the paranormal is a concept tailored for cinema and literature. Although the secular world rigidly confronts the idea of existence of evil spirits, Satanists and worshippers of Demon do believe strongly that somewhere the Evil spirit does exist just as the existence of God. The existence of devil has just a few unreliable evidences from the ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Greek and Roman histories. There is a famous theory surrounding Satan that he originated as an angel who was very religious and possessed immense beauty. Due to his immense overconfidence and pride he ended up leading humanity towards falsehood and sin.

Do you think of black to be a color? It is just the absence of any color. In the same way, devil can be defined as the absence of god. In various religions gods are seen as protectors against anything bad and gives us a ray of hope in our life. On the contrary, the devil is seen as a symbol of negativity and a fear instilling figure. Read through these devil quotes if you are you keen about the subject and share them with friends as well.

Sean Connery

Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith. For without fear of the devil there is no need for God.

Freddie Mercury

Onstage, I am a devil. But I'm hardly a social reject.

Thomas Paine

It is not a God, just and good, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes.

Marilyn Monroe

I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.

Keanu Reeves

Sure I believe in God and the Devil, but they don't have to have pitchforks and a long white beard.

George Harrison

Gossip is the Devil's radio.

Chitchat Radio
Cameron Diaz

I don't even own a TV because I think it's the devil.

Sir Thomas Browne

The heart of man is the place the devil dwells in; I feel sometimes a hell within myself.

Stephen King

The devil's voice is sweet to hear.

Dwight L. Moody

It is a masterpiece of the devil to make us believe that children cannot understand religion. Would Christ have made a child the standard of faith if He had known that it was not capable of understanding His words?

Faith Religion
Orville Wright

We left Dayton, September 23, and arrived at our camp at Kill Devil Hill on Friday, the 25th.

Alan Watts

What the devil is the point of surviving, going on living, when it's a drag? But you see, that's what people do.

Robert Louis Stevenson

The Devil, can sometimes do a very gentlemanly thing.

Laurence Sterne

So much of motion, is so much of life, and so much of joy, and to stand still, or get on but slowly, is death and the devil.

Martin Luther

For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel.

Emo Philips

Probably the toughest time in anyone's life is when you have to murder a loved one because they're the devil.

Billy Graham

There are two great forces, God's force of good and the devil's force of evil, and I believe Satan is alive and he is working, and he is working harder than ever, and we have many mysteries that we don't understand.

George Santayana

It is a revenge the devil sometimes takes upon the virtuous, that he entraps them by the force of the very passion they have suppressed and think themselves superior to.

Zeal Revenge
C. S. Lewis

The long, dull, monotonous years of middle-aged prosperity or middle-aged adversity are excellent campaigning weather for the devil.

Billy Graham

Communism is a religion that is inspired, directed and motivated by the Devil himself who has declared war against Almighty God.

Wars Religion
Francis Bacon

People have discovered that they can fool the devil; but they can't fool the neighbors.

William James

The world is all the richer for having a devil in it, so long as we keep our foot upon his neck.

Martin Luther

If you young fellows were wise, the devil couldn't do anything to you, but since you aren't wise, you need us who are old.

William Shakespeare

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.

Do you remember when you were 10 or 11 years old and you really thought your folks were the best? They were completely omniscient and you took their word for everything. And then you got older and you went through this hideous age when suddenly they were the devil, they were bullies, and they didn't know anything.

Michel de Montaigne

Covetousness is both the beginning and the end of the devil's alphabet - the first vice in corrupt nature that moves, and the last which dies.

Henry Ward Beecher

A church debt is the devil's salary.

Ambrose Bierce

Telephone, n. An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance.

Victor Hugo

Blessed be Providence which has given to each his toy: the doll to the child, the child to the woman, the woman to the man, the man to the devil!