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If its famous quotes on Ghosts & Evil that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Ghosts & Evil that you want.

Ghosts & Evil Quotes

The word Evil is used to denote anything that is morally bad, intrinsically corrupt, wantonly destructive, inhumane, selfish, or wicked. In most cultures, the word is used to describe ideas that are thought to bring about withering and death, a negative force opposite to life. It could also be thought of as morally objectionable behavior which tends to cause great harm. Something which is evil is considered to be something which has the nature of vice. If you are a believer of ghosts and evil read these famous ghosts and evil quotes.

Devil Quotes

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Evil Quotes

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Ghosts Quotes

They would probably call it superstition, until they experience something eerie.