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Boss Quotes

 The boss is the captain of the ship whom each employee of the team looks up to. To be a great boss, it takes patience and a good understanding of the psychology of his subordinates. The common perception of a boss is someone who extracts work out of his employees by instilling fear in them. However, there are also many people who think high of their bosses. Such bosses they claim have taught them a lot of valuable lessons and have constantly motivated them to do well. Therefore, it's rightly said that a great leader can be a great boss.

People always dream about being a boss as they see it as a position that gives them power, authority and a fat pay packet, but tend to ignore the challenges attached to the designation. A boss needs to be responsible, motivating, unbiased and always has people eyeing on his position. A boss handles a good number of people every day and therefore needs a lot of tactics to keep everybody happy and content. But an even bigger responsibility for a boss is to keep himself happy at the end of the day. Read these quotes to know how an ideal boss is supposed to be.

Lee Iacocca

I've always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team.

Nora Fatehi

My favourite place in the 'Bigg Boss 9' house was sky lounge, where the cool group would go and chill.

Eric Trump

My father is my best friend. He's my idol and my boss. We work side by side and spend every weekend together.

Best Work Togetherness

New York State is upside down and backwards; high taxes and low performance. The New York State government was at one time a national model. Now, unfortunately, it's a national disgrace. Sometimes, the corruption in Albany could even make Boss Tweed blush.

Lee Iacocca

The speed of the boss is the speed of the team.

In most professions, if you stay at the office an extra four hours every day, you're gonna impress the boss. You're gonna get that promotion; you're gonna get that raise. You're gonna at least have job security. But with acting, if you're really ambitious and you have a good work ethic and are really good at your job, it might not really matter.

Nora Fatehi

'Bigg Boss' was the first time I was exposed to a situation where I had to only speak in Hindi. Prior to that, I was learning but never practising.

Harry S. Truman

A leader in the Democratic Party is a boss, in the Republican Party he is a leader.

Tony Blair

In Downing Street they called me 'Boss'. Civil servants would always call me 'Prime Minister'.

Noel Fielding

When I was 14, I had a job in a cake shop. I got caught by the boss, lying down eating cake, and was sacked on my first day.

Robert Frost

By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.

Michael B. Jordan

I think everyone starts in the mailroom at some point! It's a right of passage. Your boss has to throw something at you and order you around for at least two years.

The name 'Boss' started with people that worked for me... It was not meant like Boss, capital B, it was meant like 'Boss, where's my dough this week?' And it was sort of just a term among friends. I never really liked it.

Nora Fatehi

In 'Bigg Boss,' back-biting is inevitable. It's a part of the game, and there's nothing wrong about it.

Meghan Markle

I think the biggest part of being a girl boss in the office, at home, or anywhere you go is just knowing your value.

Vijay Mallya

I am pretty tough as a boss.

Megan Thee Stallion

Us boss chicks have to continue to stick together and change the game.

Change Togetherness
Woody Allen

In my house I'm the boss, my wife is just the decision maker.

Megyn Kelly

It's not that I'm a 'Let's hug and be joyful all the time' boss. Or that I don't, quote, 'own my own power.' I just never want to be that big, swingin', rule-by-fear person.

Robert Frost

Being the boss anywhere is lonely. Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so.

I don't think I'm supposed to boss other people around just because I'm a so-called celebrity or star. I hate that when people act that way. No one deserves it. I've seen it happen. I don't call those people out - they know who they are. Some enjoy that reputation.

Harrison Ford

I've never wanted to be the boss.

Groucho Marx

No man goes before his time - unless the boss leaves early.

Donald Trump

The first thing the secretary types is the boss.

Nora Fatehi

I am very keen on 'Bigg Boss' because it is a very big platform.

Conor McGregor

Nobody is my boss.

Rhea Chakraborty

I was on a show called 'Teen Diva' which was being aired on MTV. I talked a lot on the show and the boss there thought I was good for VJ-ing since I spoke so much.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

When they said, 'Why is Floyd Mayweather not fighting Manny Pacquiao?' it was because Manny Pacquiao had a boss. I don't have a boss.


Early on, when I was quite young and going from job to job, I was foolish enough to sometimes speak to my fellow workers: 'Hey, the boss can come in here at any moment and lay all of us off, just like that, don't you realize that?' They would just look at me. I was posing something that they didn't want to enter their minds.

Nora Fatehi

I always wanted to participate in something where I can show my talent, my capabilities, and also reach a mass audience. Everybody watches 'Bigg Boss.'

Hugh Grant

And I particularly like the whole thing of being boss. Boss and employee... It's the slave quality that I find very alluring.

Eddie Van Halen

On 'Honeybabysweetiedoll' I used a Whammy, a Boss OC-3 octave box, a Sustainer and a Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler. That's only on the intro, where all those weird noises are happening.

Chris Rock

President of the United States is you know, our boss, so you know, the President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country. And when your Dad says something you listen.

Dolly Parton

'9 to 5 the Musical' is perfect for anyone that's ever wanted to string up their boss, which is almost all of us.

Ivanka Trump

If people think I'm just the boss's daughter, they're deceived.

People Daughters
John Cena

I can't tell you how many times I would call and text my boss, Vince McMahon, on the set of 'Sisters' and 'Trainwreck' and anything else like this to thank him for over-preparing me for this.

Mick Jagger has produced some great films and brought us stories about the music industry that have changed the way we think about how music is made. I never thought I would actually call him my boss, let alone meet Mick Jagger or have any reason to say my name in the same sentence as his.

Greatness Music Lonliness
Mike Pence

You shut the door, you tell the boss exactly what you think. But when the door opens, the job of the vice president is to stand right next to the president and implement the policy that he's decided. And I'm prepared to do that.

Priyanka Chopra

I've been used to being my own boss for a really long time, so I don't take to authority very well.

Megyn Kelly

You can't just coast along. You need to be extraordinary. If you want a promotion or a raise, ask yourself, 'How can I behave in a way to get my boss to believe I deserve one?'