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Architecture Quotes

Whenever a literary enthusiast thinks of architecture, the visual that runs through his/her mind is the image of ‘Howard Roarke’, the individualist creative genius in Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’. Architecture is not just about constructing a building, but it is also a creative job where one needs to blend art with science in perfect proportions. Your building should justify its purpose but at the same time, it should look artistic and innovative. Architecture varies across geographies and is influenced by factors such as culture and climate.

The challenge which most architects face is not to just construct a strong, concrete structure, but also add high aesthetic appeal. This is a field where the client knows less about what he wants and still expects to get a masterpiece making it quite difficult for the architect to meet his demands. Many consider it a noble field, since the work of the architect is remembered even years after his death. Unfortunately, in reality, not many people remember the masterminds behind the construction of some of the world's most iconic buildings. Since architecture is dynamic, an architect needs to keep himself update with the changing trends. Hope these architecture quotes open the doors of creativity for you.

John Ruskin

An architect should live as little in cities as a painter. Send him to our hills, and let him study there what nature understands by a buttress, and what by a dome.

William S. Burroughs

Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact.

Lord Byron

A man of eighty has outlived probably three new schools of painting, two of architecture and poetry and a hundred in dress.

Victor Hugo

Architecture has recorded the great ideas of the human race. Not only every religious symbol, but every human thought has its page in that vast book.

Steve Martin

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

Jeff Bezos

The reason we chose vertical landing as our recovery architecture is that vertical landing scales really well.