There are a number of quotes based on the life of teenagers. Read on to explore some cute teen quotations & sayings.

Teen Quotes

You go through a number of emotions and changes during our teenage period. This is the time when you feel as if the whole world is in your hands and nothing is impossible. However, what a teenager needs the most is someone who can encourage and guide him in the right way, on which his dreams will come true. In the following lines, we have provided some cute teen quotes that will inspire you to have faith in yourself and dare to dream. These quotations and sayings will make you realize that you can have everything in this world, only if you try and make some efforts.

How beautiful is youth! How bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations, dreams!

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It doesn't matter if you try and try and try again, and fail. It does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again.

- Charles Kettering

Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing.

- Aristotle

Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense.

- Thomas A. Bennett

To an adolescent, there is nothing in the world more embarrassing than a parent.

- Dave Barry

Maturity begins to grow when you can sense you concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself.

- John McNaughton

A boy becomes an adult three years before his parents think he does, and about two years after he thinks he does.

- Lewis B. Hershey

I would there were no age between ten and three-and-twenty, or that youth would sleep out the rest; for there is nothing in the between but getting wenches with child, wronging the anciently, stealing, fighting.

- William Shakespeare

Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances.

- Swami Kriyananda

When you are seventeen you aren't really serious.

- Arthur Rimbaud

Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.

- Mark Twain

You don't have to suffer to be a poet. Adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.

- John Ciardi

Iron rusts from disuse, stagnant water loses its purity, and in cold weather becomes frozen, even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Youth is a circumstance you can't do anything about. The trick is to grow up without getting old.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Telling a teenager the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath.

- Arnold H. Glasgow

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.

- Marcus Garvey

Human life is a continuous thread which each of us spins to his own pattern, rich and complex in meaning. There are no natural knots in it. Yet knots form, nearly always in adolescence.

- Edgar Z. Friedenberg

If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.

- Mary Kay Ash

Many a young lady does not realize just how strong her love for a young man is until he fails to pass the approval test with her parents.

- Anonymous

Teenage boys, goaded by their surging hormones run in packs like the primal horde. They have only a brief season of exhilarating liberty between control by their mothers and control by their wives.

- Camille Paglia

People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes; what they want is to see you fall.

- Leonardo DiCaprio

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.

- Dave Barry

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

- Maya Angelou

Young men, hear an old man to whom old men hearkened when he was young.

- Augustus

When I was in high school, I earned the pimple award and every other gross-out award.

- Jack Nicholson

In my last year of school, I was voted Class Optimist and Class Pessimist. Looking back, I realize I was only half right.

- Jack Nicholson

What is an adult? A child blown up by age.

- Simone de Beauvoir

I think I don't regret a single 'excess' of my responsive youth - I only regret, in my chilled age, certain occasions and possibilities I didn't embrace.

- Henry James

A lot of 18-year-olds are like old men. They think they've seen everything.

- Ben Folds

A white boy that makes C's in college can make it to the White House.

- Chris Rock

If a woman tells you she's twenty and looks sixteen, she's twelve. If she tells you she's twenty-six and looks twenty-six, she's damn near fourty.

- Chris Rock

Middle age is youth without levity, and age without decay.

- Doris Day

When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there.

- Jim Henson

I have a daughter who's 11 years old. Maybe she'll grow up independent and really really heavy and become a movie star and she'll play me in my life story.

- Patti Smith

Christ, seven years of college, down the drain.

- John Belushi

American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age.

- Marshall McLuhan

When I was a teenager, I got into SF, quite heavily, and that too has had a major impact on my writing.

- George Stephen

Youth comes but once in a lifetime.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I missed out on everything. Sometimes on the street I see teenagers hanging out and going to the movies, going to concerts, and I get so jealous.

- Adriana Lima

I did all my heavy partying before I turned sixteen.

- Cameron Diaz

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