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If its famous quotes on Family & Household that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Family & Household that you want.

Family & Household Quotes

As Richard Bach says, “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” Family and household have a special value in life. The bond between parents and children, between husband and wife, between siblings and between friends remind you of the value your family holds in your life. If you are truly interested to know the value of family and household then read through this family and household quotes.

Brothers Quotes

The legendary batsman has thanked his brother quite often for being really supportive throughout his career.

Childhood Quotes

If you are looking to relive the best days of your life, then these famous babyhood quotations and sayings given below will take you back in time when life was innocent, free and full of gaiety.

Family Quotes

Hope these sayings and quotations prove useful in bringing joy and happiness in your family.

Father Quotes

Read on for a saucer full of famous quotations and sayings on dads.

Generations Quotes

If you are looking to appreciate the warmth and love of your family, all you have got to do is read on to discover a few quotations and sayings on age groups and generations.

Grandmother Quotes

Go through these famous grandmother sayings and choose your favourite one to share with your grandma.

Grandparents Quotes

Read on to gain access to a handful of famous quotations and sayings on grandparents.

Home Quotes

After all, someone rightly said that home is where the heart is! Glimpse through these famous house quotations & sayings for more on this.

Husband Quotes

Go through these famous spouse quotations & sayings and have fun.

Legacy Quotes

To get some very interesting quotes on legacy and bequests, read this!.

Men Quotes

If you also want to know what men are basically like, go through the famous quotations and sayings about men, provided in the lines below.

Mother Quotes

That probably explains why a whopping 82% of women are mothers in the United States, despite the high divorce and low marriage rates! Read some loving quotations and sayings about moms.

Parents Quotes

Read the following famous quotes on parenting to know more.

Sentiment Quotes

For more on sentiment, browse through these famous feeling/emotion quotations and sayings.

Sister Quotes

Give a new definition to your relationship with these everlasting sister quotations.

Teen Quotes

These quotations and sayings will make you realize that you can have everything in this world, only if you try and make some efforts.

Wife Quotes

Read on to discover famous spouse quotations and sayings.

Women Quotes

Read on for famous lady quotations and sayings.