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Legacy Quotes

Men may perish but their legacies remain. Several generations of famous men and women have left behind their beliefs and success stories. Ranging from the invention of cheese to green revolution, everything is a legacy. Dictionaries define it as "something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past". But that isn't all. Apart from inventions, kingdoms, and heirlooms, the thought process of a generation is also transferred on as a legacy. But not all legacies are be quested or received by the newer generation with will and respect.

There are many instances when we feel legacy is great. It could be you getting a pass to a cricket match due to our dad’s position whereas your friend has to watch the match on television. Another example could be that of a kid with celebrity genes for him getting into the star-studded career could be a cakewalk. On the other side, legacy has often been pressurizing people to perform well. This is where the masses tend to ignore the fact that it is not mandatory that successful parents would always have successful children. Neither is a child obligated to prove himself to the world and ideally shouldn't get bogged by the way society compares him with the world.To get some very interesting quotes on legacy and bequests, read this!

Khabib Nurmagomedov

I care about my legacy.

Millie Bobby Brown

I love Carrie Fisher, and it would be amazing to carry on her legacy.