These blame quotes is meant to give you a better understanding of the culpability of a fault. Read these famous censure quotations and sayings to know more on this.

Blame Quotes

Blame is a negative emotion, which makes people emotionally vulnerable. There can be situations in life where one has to blame others for their errors. However, blaming others only goes on to reveal one’s own insecurity. Sometimes, when men became real losers, without being sincere to what they do, the blame game starts with a bang. A person who is morally at err is a blameworthy person. Read these blame quotes to get a superior understanding of this behavior.

Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either.

- Erich Fromm

It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

- Voltaire

We drink one another's health and spoil our own.

- Jerome K. Jerome

People tend to forget their duties but remember their rights.

- Indira Gandhi

Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them.

- Dame Agatha Christie

There's too much tendency to attribute to God the evils that man does of his own free will.

- Dame Agatha Christie

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.

- Carl Jung

I don't care what people think. people are stupid.

- Charles Barkley

I think I can safely say that nobody understands Quantum Mechanics.

- Richard P. Feynman

I don't see myself as beautiful, because I can see a lot of flaws. People have really odd opinions. They tell me I'm skinny, as if that's supposed to make me happy.

- Angelina Jolie

The ultimate mystery is one's own self.

- Sammy Davis, Jr.

When you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don't learn nothing, cause hey, it's not your fault, it's his fault, over there.

- Joe Strummer

You've gotta be slightly stupid.

- Joe Strummer

Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Our 'neoconservatives' are neither new nor conservative, but old as Babylon and evil as Hell.

- Edward Abbey

The secret thoughts of a man run over all things, holy, profane, clean, obscene, grave, and light, without shame or blame.

- Thomas Hobbes

There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.

- John Wayne

A woman will doubt everything you say except it be compliments to herself.

- Elbert Hubbard

But I do nothing upon myself, and yet I am my own executioner.

- John Donne

In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock!

- Simone Weil

Love is too young to know what conscience is.

- William Shakespeare

If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?

- Sand and Foam , Kahlil Gibran

Has God forgotten all I have done for Him.

- Louis XIV

Political advertising ought to be stopped. It's the only really dishonest kind of advertising that's left. It's totally dishonest.

- David Ogilvy

An alcoholic is someone you don't like who drinks as much as you do.

- Dylan Thomas

I don't think President Bush is doing anything at all about Aids. In fact, I'm not sure he even knows how to spell Aids.

- Elizabeth Taylor

Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.

- Henry A. Kissinger

Grumbling is the death of love.

- Marlene Dietrich

Superstitions are habits rather than beliefs.

- Marlene Dietrich

Originality is the one thing which unoriginal minds cannot feel the use of.

- John Stuart Mill

In truth, men speak too much of danger.

- Jose Marti

There's man all over for you, blaming on his boots the fault of his feet.

- Samuel Beckett

Men and women, women and men. It will never work.

- Erica Jong

I am the slave of my baptism. Parents, you have caused my misfortune, and you have caused your own.

- Arthur Rimbaud

I do not believe in using women in combat, because females are too fierce.

- Margaret Mead

Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.

- Oscar Wilde

Communism, like any other revealed religion, is largely made up of prophecies.

- H. L. Mencken

My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.

- Jack Kerouac

When a pile of cups is tottering on the edge of the table and you warn that they will crash to the ground, in South Africa you are blamed when that happens.

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu

We are sinful not only because we have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge, but also because we have not yet eaten of the Tree of Life. The state in which we are is sinful, irrespective of guilt.

- Franz Kafka

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