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Meditation Quotes

'Breathe in, breathe out!' Meditation might seem just about these four words, but in effect, it has a lot more to offer. If you say yoga is for the body, then meditation is the workout for your mind. It is a technique where you discipline your mind and benefits the overall senses in the process, resulting in a calm mind that increases your concentration. According to various researchers, the origin of meditation can be traced back to ancient India. The country has the earliest written records called ‘Dhyana’ in their ‘Hindu’ tradition of ‘Vedanta’ which dates back to around 1500 BCE. The development of meditation was seen in Taoist China and Buddhist India, approximately in the 5th and 6th century BCE.

Meditation has more benefits than the term alone can define. It has the ability of gifting benefits to different parts of your body. According to researchers, meditation benefits your health immensely. It gives you a calm mind which helps you to concentrate well leading to clarity and in a peaceful mind. The physical benefits of meditation would be, it boosts up your energy levels and immunity, reduces anxiety leading to decrease in high blood pressure and decreases any stress related pain in the body. On the mental scale, it upgrades your emotional stability, creativity, intuition, and makes you optimistic towards life.

Richard Gere

Meditation is such a more substantial reality than what we normally take to be reality.

Dalai Lama

We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.

Dalai Lama

Sleep is the best meditation.

Alice Walker

Meditation has been a loyal friend to me. It has helped me write my books.