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If its famous quotes on Spirituality & Holiness that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Spirituality & Holiness that you want.

Spirituality & Holiness Quotes

Spirituality and religiousness is an experience which one shouldn’t classify as ‘holy’ because it is even beyond holiness. Spirituality flourish from one’s own experience of super power inside him/her and that can’t be explained by words. This experience of the un explainable bliss makes individuals try to communicate about it and thus the religious scriptures had been made. When Buddhism is the experience of Gautama Buddha, Christianity becomes the spiritual experience of Jesus and Islam becomes Nabi’s. Read and share these wise quotes on Spirituality and holiness.

Devotion Quotes

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Eternity Quotes

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God Quotes

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Heaven Quotes

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Hell Quotes

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Holiness Quotes

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Idols Quotes

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Immortality Quotes

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Meditation Quotes

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Miracles Quotes

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Prayer Quotes

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Preaching Quotes

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Sacrifice Quotes

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Saints Quotes

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Sin Quotes

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Soul Quotes

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Spirit Quotes

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Spirituality Quotes

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Worship Quotes

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