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If its famous quotes on Health & Illness that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Health & Illness that you want.

Health & Illness Quotes

Health is wealth, or so they say. Here’s a question you should be asking yourself – Would you rather have all the riches in the world and extremely poor health, or would you rather possess great health and a means to sustainable living? The choice is pretty obvious. This is exactly why most people believe that health is all about wealth; it’s at least the kind of health that matters! Take the time to read on to gain access to a whole lot of quotations and sayings on health and illness.

AIDS Quotes

These famous HIV quotations & sayings given below will help you to look at this disease through a fresh perspective.

Cancer Quotes

To get a better understanding of cancer, go through these famous tumor quotations and sayings.

Disability Quotes

However, according to a few surveys, many disabled people have been found to thrive harder for a better life, as compared to their healthier peers.

Disease Quotes

If your friend has been sick for a long time, why not make him feel good with a bouquet of his or her favorite flowers, chocolates, a “get well soon” card, and make him smile with these funny disease quotes? Read on and pick the ones that will best suit your purpose.

Drugs Quotes

Read through these popular drugs and medicines quotations to learn more about the topic.

Health Quotes

Go right ahead and read on for a healthy dosage of quotations and sayings on health and wellbeing.

Hospitals Quotes

Here are some of the most famous clinic quotations and sayings to help you in exploring the world of physicians and their patients.

Hurt Quotes

Here are some famous injury quotations and sayings to help you more on understanding the matters of heart.

Hygiene Quotes

Listed below are some famous cleanliness quotations & sayings that will help you understand its importance better.

Illness Quotes

It’s always better to stay healthy and fit, rather than depend on medicines for survival, isn’t it? Adopting a disciplined way of living and frequent detoxification are probably the best ways to ensure that one doesn’t fall ill.

Medicine Quotes

Medicine can be either herbal or allopathic but all you need is some faith for it to work! Read more about some famous quotations about medicine.

Safety Quotes

Explore the importance of safety in your lives through famous security/protection quotations and sayings and live a happy, healthy and safe life.