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Despair Quotes

Let’s face it - we all have our days, weeks or even months of gloom and despair, when everything seems to go against you. However, that doesn’t mean that you drag yourself to the hole of depression and self-pity. It’s okay to feel down and low once in a while. However, succumbing to these negative feelings will only make you feel more wretched. Dealing with the feelings of hopelessness and despair can be quite a tough bet, though not impossible. Trail down these famous hopelessness quotations and sayings and inspire yourself to a better life and better mood.

Hillary Clinton

It is often when night looks darkest, it is often before the fever breaks that one senses the gathering momentum for change, when one feels that resurrection of hope in the midst of despair and apathy.

Elie Wiesel

Just as despair can come to one only from other human beings, hope, too, can be given to one only by other human beings.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair.

Elie Wiesel

Because I remember, I despair. Because I remember, I have the duty to reject despair.

Gene Tierney

The main cause of my difficulties stemmed from the tragedy of my daughter's unsound birth and my inability to face my feelings.

P. G. Wodehouse

Her pupils were at once her salvation and her despair. They gave her the means of supporting life, but they made life hardly worth supporting.

Charles Baudelaire

It is necessary to work, if not from inclination, at least from despair. Everything considered, work is less boring than amusing oneself.

Charlie Chaplin

Despair is a narcotic. It lulls the mind into indifference.

William Makepeace Thackeray

Despair is perfectly compatible with a good dinner, I promise you.

Good Dinner
Blaise Pascal

Jesus is the God whom we can approach without pride and before whom we can humble ourselves without despair.

Leo Buscaglia

If you're an advocate of gentleness, you're simplistic and naive. If you're an advocate of despair and hate, you're sophisticated.

Elie Wiesel

We have to go into the despair and go beyond it, by working and doing for somebody else, by using it for something else.

Joseph Addison

I will indulge my sorrows, and give way to all the pangs and fury of despair.

Al Gore

When people flirt with despair about the future, they are less likely to take the actions necessary to safeguard it, focusing instead on the short-term.

George Eliot

But what we call our despair is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope.

Honoré de Balzac

Men die in despair, while spirits die in ecstasy.

Anatole France

Without lies humanity would perish of despair and boredom.

Albert Camus

There is no love of life without despair of life.

Miguel de Cervantes

There is no greater folly in the world than for a man to despair.

Benjamin Disraeli

Despair is the conclusion of fools.

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three.

He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.

Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness.