If knowledge was God then the library would be a shrine! From these libraries quotes, get some ideas for you. Read about the famous collection of books quotations and sayings.

Library Quotes

Reading is probably the best way to enhance one's personality, be it from the books or the internet. Libraries have an immense collection of resources in the form of books and online journals that are either owned by institutions or the public. The types of books that libraries house vary on the purpose and kind of the library that it is. It could be anything ranging from books of the curriculum to high level scholarly articles to a wide variety of novels. Read further for some great quotations and saying on books!

Books are a uniquely portable magic.

- On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft , Stephen King

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.

- Henry Ward Beecher

A library implies an act of faith.

- Victor Hugo

Why by a book when you can join a library.

- Ricky Gervais

So he said 'I'm going to chop off the bottom of one of your trouser legs and put it in a library.' I thought 'That's a turn-up for the books.'

- Tommy Cooper

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

- Jorge Luis Borges

Like all those possessing a library, Aurelian was aware that he was guilty of not knowing his in its entirety.

- Jorge Luis Borges

When I read about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that American society has found one more way to destroy itself.

- Isaac Asimov

It is the interest one takes in books that makes a library. And if a library have interest it is; if not, it isn't.

- Carolyn Wells

That perfect tranquillity of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library.

- Aphra Behn

I couldn't live a week without a private library - indeed, I'd part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor before I'd let go of the 1500 or so books I possess.

- H. P. Lovecraft

I read Shakespeare and the Bible, and I can shoot dice. That's what I call a liberal education.

- Tallulah Bankhead

If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.

- Frank Zappa

Child! Do not throw this book about; refrain from the unholy pleasure of cutting all the pictures out.

- Hillaire Belloc

A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books, if he has the means to buy them.

- Horace Mann

Books were this wonderful escape for me because I could open a book and disappear into it, and that was the only way out of that house when I was a kid.

- Dean Koontz

I do give books as gifts sometimes, when people would rather have one than a new Ferrari.

- Dean Koontz

To make a library it takes two volumes And a fire. Two volumes and a fire, And interest. The interest alone will do If logs are few.

- Carolyn Wells

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