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Investment Quotes

A topic of great significance in economics, investment, can be described as the committing of funds with the view to generate wealth. Investment is a branch of economics that falls under banking and financial management. To put it in simple terms, investment is nothing but the allocation of funds or wealth to gain profit. Investments are seen as a useful saving method. There are many ways that an investment helps us. In most of the countries, a few selected investments give us tax benefits. It is also a fundamental part of a person’s retirement plan. There are different kinds of investments such as commodities, monetary, real estate and securities.

The return on investment is the basic reasons of investment for everyone and especially businessmen. This is where the significant factor of making decisions on investments comes into play. We always expect the highest returns possible while making an investment. But, the upper limit of returns has different values for different people. For example, a middle-class person with a stable life and family would look forward to investments which are safe and give assured returns. On the other side, a businessman who survives on the investments would estimate a higher upper limit and tends to take risks in order to achieve it. Read these famous funding quotations and sayings and know what wise man had to say about it.

Bank failures are caused by depositors who don't deposit enough money to cover losses due to mismanagement.

- Dan Quayle

We will invest in our people, quality education, job opportunity, family, neighborhood, and yes, a thing we call America.

- Dan Quayle

Apple's market share is bigger than BMW's or Mercedes's or Porsche's in the automotive market. What's wrong with being BMW or Mercedes?

- Steve Jobs

I have a problem with too much money. I can't reinvest it fast enough, and because I reinvest it, more money comes in. Yes, the rich do get richer.

- Robert Kiyosaki

I try to do the right thing with money. Save a dollar here and there, clip some coupons. Buy ten gold chains instead of 20. Four summer homes instead of eight.

- LL Cool J

I can't do it by myself. Hopefully, these other guys and ladies will come on out and invest in our community, because this is not good business, it's great business! You can make some money.

- Magic Johnson

The American taxpayer should not be treated more shabbily than debtors from other nations and we should be encouraging other nations to help rebuild Iraq's economy.

- Hillary Clinton

Here we were talking about economic development, about investing billions of dollars in various programs, and I could see it wasn't billions of dollars people needed right away.

- Muhammad Yunus

In a nutshell our agreement is superior in every respect for Allied Domecq shareholders.

- David Thomas

The employment report caused investors to reassess economics.

- Dean Stanley

The U.S. and Israel probably lead the way in terms of venture investment in technologies companies focused on the security paradigm. That is quite encouraging.

- John W. Thompson

You can't attract capital investment from outside Iraq unless you have a constitution in place, a rule of law and a defined system that can guarantee property rights,

- Steve King

With all the investment that's going to happen in the area, we thought it was a good time to consider making some changes.

- Kevin Smith

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