Are you an exercise freak looking for famous work out quotations and sayings? If your answer is yes, then read these famous exercise quotes.

Exercise Quotes

Exercise, eating a balanced meal, and maintain a healthy lifestyle is the key to stay fit and fine. Regular exercises strengthen the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system of the body. Plus, regular exercise also helps to keep away obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. However, exercising too much can have a negative impact on the body. So it is best to do exercises in moderation. Here are some famous exercise quotes to help you get started with your exercise regime.

The real and effectual discipline which is exercised over a workman is that of his customers. It is the fear of losing their employment which restrains his frauds and corrects his negligence.

- Adam Smith

To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature.

- Adam Smith

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

- Henry David Thoreau

Nothing lifts me out of a bad mood better than a hard work out on my treadmill. It never fails. Exercise is nothing short of a miracle.

- Cher

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is.

- Ellen DeGeneres

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.

- Sigmund Freud

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

The best activities for your health are pumping and humping.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Great effort is required to arrest decay and restore vigor. One must exercise proper deliberation, plan carefully before making a move, and be alert in guarding against relapse following a renaissance.

- Horace

In fact, it is a farce to call any being virtuous whose virtues do not result from the exercise of its own reason.

- Mary Wollstonecraft

Happiness exists on earth, and it is won through prudent exercise of reason, knowledge of the harmony of the universe, and constant practice of generosity.

- Jose Marti

I think that making love is the best form of exercise.

- Cary Grant

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.

- Hippocrates

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.

- John Quincy Adams

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

- Richard Branson

The test and the use of man's education is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of his mind.

- Jacques Barzun

There is nothing more boring than doing singing exercises.

- P. J. Harvey

We want to take this and teach our athletes that there is a bigger picture. We are thankful we still have a gym and a football field. We are trying to get the kids to learn a life lesson.

- James Wilson

The main thing is healthy eating, exercise, which I do for special events, like if it's Sports Illustrated, or the swim suit catalogue for Victoria's Secret, or my own calendar that I did for the year 2000.

- Heidi Klum

I repeat... that all power is a trust; that we are accountable for its exercise; that from the people and for the people all springs, and all must exist.

- Benjamin Disraeli

For me, the martial arts is a search for something inside. It's not just a physical discipline.

- Brandon Lee

Eating properly is great. I mean you cut the fat down, cut the cholesterol out, but still you got to get your rest and you got to have some form of exercise.

- Mike Ditka

I really believe the only way to stay healthy is to eat properly, get your rest and exercise. If you don't exercise and do the other two, I still don't think it's going to help you that much.

- Mike Ditka

You see people who have been very heavy in their life who have taken that body, trimmed it down, firmed it up through discipline, exercise and being able to say no. Eating properly, that all comes into it.

- Mike Ditka

When I get my heart rate up, I get good exercise and I think it's good for a lot of things, plus it's not hurting my hips right now.

- Mike Ditka

During meditation your metabolism and your breath rate go down to a level of rest, twice that of deep sleep.

- Mike Love

There are different things one can do to establish and hasten the peace process. Meditation is one way.

- Mike Love

Without meditation, I'd probably be dead.

- Mike Love

“We remain a land of great promise, but we must move on, ... humility in exercising our power around the world.”

- Bruce Springsteen

My preparation is always mediation and deep breathing. And the rubbing of my hands together just gets my energy going.

- John Edward

The government's approach must be more than a paper exercise couched in warm words.

- David Frost

I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.

- David Lee Roth

To be good, we must do good; and by doing good we take a sure means of being good, as the use and exercise of the muscles increase their power.

- Tryon Edwards

Our righteousness is in Him, and our hope depends, not upon the exercise of grace in us, but upon the fullness of grace and love in Him, and upon His obedience unto death.

- John Newton

Temptation is like a knife, that may either cut the meat or the throat of a man; it may be his food or his poison, his exercise or his destruction.

- John Owen

You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.

- Dr. Seuss

I had started losing weight. I mean he didn't know anything about the journey that I was on at that point obviously but from my highest weight of just over 300 pounds I lost about 45 pounds.

- Star Jones

No, I don't want to exercise all the time. I still despise it, not at all.

- Star Jones

You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is.

- Ellen DeGeneres

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.

- Swami Vivekananda

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