Nothing can be dearer to the parents than their daughters and these adorable daughter quotes pays tribute to this special bond. For more on famous daughter quotations and sayings, read on.

Daughters Quotes

Doesn’t matter if she is a little girl or a grown-up woman, a daughter is always the apple of her parents’ eyes.  Some people feel that daughters share a special, deeper bond with their parents, as compared to sons. They are the most coveted of all family members, the most priceless, the most loved. According to many recent surveys, daughters have been found to be more emotionally connected to their fathers. Many girls during recent times have immensely praised their daddies for pampering them. It is a popular belief that a girl chooses a man quite similar to her father as a life partner. Some of them even choose the guy who really impresses their daddies.

Unfortunately, in several developing nations, where patriarchy exists, the daughters are seen as a curse by several parents. In nations like India, generally, a girl's family pays in either cash or kind to her groom's family at the time of marriage. This custom of paying a hefty amount to a son-in-law for the better future of a daughter is called dowry. Although the government has strict rules against dowries but still the system prevails which is very unfortunate. Hence, the thought dowry worries many parents and they begin seeing their child as a liability. For more on daughters quotes, read on.

If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.

- Bruce Barton

My father was a statesman, I am a political woman. My father was a saint. I am not.

- Indira Gandhi

It's the kind of clothes that mothers and daughters can wear, in terms of concept... It's not about age. It's about taste, and it's about lifestyle. I believe women of all ages can wear anything.

- Ralph Lauren

The land of my fathers. My fathers can have it.

- Dylan Thomas

I like all the angels around because they protect me and my daughter. I mean, her Dad's an angel.

- Courtney Love

If I had a choice of educating my daughters or my sons because of opportunity constraints, I would choose to educate my daughters.

- Brigham Young

The only truly anonymous donor is the guy who knocks up your daughter.

- Lenny Bruce

Religion. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.

- Ambrose Bierce

I have a daughter who's 11 years old. Maybe she'll grow up independent and really really heavy and become a movie star and she'll play me in my life story.

- Patti Smith

The main cause of my difficulties stemmed from the tragedy of my daughter's unsound birth and my inability to face my feelings.

- Gene Tierney

Tonight I will make a tun of wine, Set myself up with two bowls of it; First I will divorce absolutely reason and religion, Then take to wife the daughter of the vine.

- Omar Khayyam

I have three daughters. I wanted them to be raised where there are real seasons and where everyone their age wasn't trying to get into movies.

- Chevy Chase

I've never looked forward to a birthday like I'm looking forward to my new daughter's birthday, because two days after that is when I can apply for reinstatement.

- Pete Rose

This guy is a bastard. He took advantage of my daughter.

- Jane Addams

I have a daughter who is a sophomore in college and another who is in the 11th grade of high school.

- Thomas Friedman

Everyone is a son or daughter of god.

- David Icke

It wasn't like I was self-motivated. My dad started me. It was his dream before it was mine.

- Venus Williams

I've always been the long-term relationship, go-home-and-meet-mom girl.

- Sophia Bush

The quality of life is so different in France. There is the possibility of living a simple life. I would never contemplate raising my daughter in LA. I would never raise any child there.

- Johnny Depp

Anything I've done up till May 27th 1999 was kind of an illusion, existing without living. My daughter, the birth of my daughter, gave me life.

- Johnny Depp

Once upon a time there was a widow who had two daughters. The elder was so much like her, both in looks and character, that whoever saw the daughter saw the mother.

- Charles Perrault

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