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Photography Quotes

Photographers capture the moments in their lenses for posterity. Although we may not be amnesic, remembering incidents or happy times many years later become difficult. This is where the pages of the photo albums come in handy. It is said that colored photographs capture the clothes and the expressions etc, but the soul is captured in a black and white photograph. It is as though time is frozen and you can go back to that moment whenever you see the photograph. Read the following quotations on photograph to learn more.

Eudora Welty

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.

Susan Wojcicki

I love creating. I had been really into photography when I was in college.

Cole Sprouse

I take a lot of pride in my photography.

Cole Sprouse

I became obsessed with the storytelling of photography and going on little adventures.

Elton John

I've got a great collection of photography.

Winona Ryder

I love photography and first editions. I have that in my genes. My father was an archivist.

Jeff Bridges

I found that photography was a great way of relaxing on the set.

Madonna is her own Hollywood studio - a popelike mogul and divine superstar in one. She has a laserlike instinct for publicity, aided by her visual genius for still photography (which none of her legion of imitators has). Unfortunately, her public life has dissolved into a series of staged photo ops.

Annie Leibovitz

I'm a huge, huge fan of photography. I have a small photography collection. As soon as I started to make some money, I bought my very first photograph: an Henri Cartier-Bresson. Then I bought a Robert Frank.

Emma Roberts

I would love to study photography.

Jeff Bridges

I love to paint, do ceramics, photography. I got a lot of side things that I like to do.

Jeff Bridges

Ballet might be too formal of a title for the type of dance I do, but I love to dance. I love to draw and paint; I do ceramics and photography. I'm interested in a lot of creative stuff.

Love Dancing
Jeff Bridges

I look at the camera as sort of a missing link between motion picture photography and still photography.