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Habits Quotes

You are walking down a street and you spot a man enjoying his cigarette. You decide to walk up to the man and request him to do away with his cigarette and the habit of smoking. The smoker, however, just eschews you and continues to smoke. Now, why was it so difficult for the smoker to see the light in what you were saying? Well, that is because smoking had become a habit and habits do die hard. However, here it a must to remember that where there exists a will, there exists a way! Read on to discover famous quotations and sayings on habits in general!

Helen Rowland

A man is like a cat; chase him and he will run - sit still and ignore him and he'll come purring at your feet.

David Lloyd George

Liberty is not merely a privilege to be conferred; it is a habit to be acquired.

Charles Kingsley

There is a great deal of human nature in man.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Give up all bad qualities in you, banish the ego and develop the spirit of surrender. You will then experience Bliss.

Honoré de Balzac

The habits of life form the soul, and the soul forms the countenance.

Aapne dil ka haal batana chod diya, humne bhi gehrai mein jaana chod diya. Holi se pehle hi aapne nahana chod diya?