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Drama Quotes

Drama is one of the oldest forms of art known to mankind. According to a few resources, this art form originated in Ancient Greece. Plays were considered a form of worship in this nation years ago and were staged to and it was classified in two genres, namely tragedy and comedy. Soon this form of art became popular in other parts of the world as well. Drama was used for several purposes later on, such as imparting moral lessons, addressing issues of social concerns, acquiring information about what is going on in their country or the capital. Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest writer of English language and an outstanding dramatist. He has penned several plays, such as 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Julius Caesar', 'Macbeth', 'Othello', 'Hamlet' and more.

Drama has evolved by leaps and bound over the past few centuries.  Many interesting variants of drama, such as musicals have become popular in recent times. Cinema, one of the most popular and influential art forms of recent times has been derived from drama. Read these famous drama quotes and feel free to share them with your friends and families. 

Jason Sudeikis

I'd love to do a drama.

Elizabeth Debicki

When I went to the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne to study drama, I felt I'd finally found my place in life.

Emilia Clarke

Drama school is fundamentally practical. I didn't write any essays, so I came out with a BA honors degree in acting.

School Acting
Jean-Claude Van Damme

In an action film you act in the action. If it's a dramatic film you act in the drama.

Samara Weaving

My parents thought if they put me in drama classes, I might come out of my shell. It worked, and I've acted ever since.

Serena Williams

I don't know if I've had my share of drama, but I've definitely had my share of hard times.

Gary Oldman

The thing a drama school can't give you is instinct. It can sharpen instinct but that can't be taught, and you have to have intuition. It's an essential ingredient.

Millie Bobby Brown

I sort of knew I was a bit of a drama queen. I always threw tantrums, so I knew I wasn't a normal child.

Timothy Olyphant

My roles don't centre around drugs at all! Shadiness is different - it's drama. We're making movies! You've gotta have conflict.

Conflict Movies
Alison Brie

I enjoy doing drama, and I enjoy doing comedy equally.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

The drama nerd comes out in me when I'm in a theater.


I love a bit of drama. That's a bad thing. I can flip really quickly.

Dennis Quaid

I went out for the football team but, you know, I was too small. That's how I wound up in drama.

Wilson Mizner

A drama critic is a person who surprises the playwright by informing him what he meant.

Matt Bomer

I had a very progressive drama teacher who would buy all the plays that were in New York and bring them to suburban Texas.

Victor Hugo

The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose, the drama upon the real.

Lily James

Boarding school in Tring was a bit of a bubble that burst when I went to Hackney to go to drama school.

Clint Eastwood

Drama usually has some sort of intense conflict.


I need drama in my life to keep making music.

Emma Stone

Drama is hard for me. Crying is much harder for me than laughter.

Michael J. Fox

I didn't want o do metal work and get my hands all nicked up and be around guys. So I took drama because there were a lot of girls.

Schiff has pre-scripted a televised production titled 'The Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump.' The story would likely be deemed too absurd and too boring to make it onto the silver screen as a drama, though it might succeed as a comedic farce - too silly to be taken seriously.

Deepika Padukone

'Piku' was driven by subtleties. Most films come with the padding of the sound, the visual, the drama.

Debbie Reynolds

Drama's unhappy, and playing someone unhappy would make me unhappy.

Paul Rudd

I'd like to do something dramatic or a different kind of role, but I tend not to separate comedy and drama all that much.

'Blueprint 3' is made up of songs, but it's also a commentary on the idea that in order for rap to survive, we have to stretch out the drama. We have to stretch out the audience. It can't be this narrow - we have to stretch out the point of view.

Gary Oldman

As a drama student I got into Thirties and Forties suits.

Lily Collins

I would love to do a British period drama.

Cate Blanchett

When I came out of drama school, I was in a shared house in Sydney.

Noah Cyrus

Guys are awesome, but I vote for going to prom with a group of friends. It's so much less drama.

Diana Rigg

Many years ago, when I was working on Broadway, I used to go to a drug rehabilitation centre on Sundays. I didn't lecture them against the perils of drug-taking; I gave them drama therapy.

David Harbour

I'm very interested in the drama of the leading man being someone who is incapable, becoming capable.

Dennis Quaid

I was a late bloomer. I tried out for the football team, and I got locked off the field. That's how I wound up in drama.

Cate Blanchett

When I emerged from drama school, I had no expectation that I would ever work in film.

Brad Pitt

I would love to work in a Bollywood film as there is so much drama and colour in the films there.

Tom Holland

I went to an ordinary primary school, and then I started performing in a show called 'Billy Elliot' on the West End, and that was sort of my drama school.

Pierce Brosnan

I've been very fortunate that I've worked since I left drama school in 1976.

Kate Winslet

If I had a child, I wouldn't let them go to drama school. At times, I was really unhappy there.

Orlando Bloom

Drama class was one of the only areas at school I responded to.

Clint Eastwood

I like a drama.