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Abstinence Quotes

Religion and morality have compelled human beings to control or obstruct their natural instincts which can neither be classified as right nor wrong, in the absence of moral contexts. Abstinence can be defined as a practice of refraining from indulging in something that you wish for, or is enjoyable, as it cannot be justified morally.  Consumption of alcohol and sexual intercourse are of two of the several such practices people usually abstain from, in a bid to discipline themselves. Refraining from different forms of pleasure on some occasions has been a tradition followed since several centuries. Surprisingly, abstinence is being practiced by mankind even in today's times. Many times religion forbids many people from indulging in practices of pleasure.

Many great thinkers opine that rules dictated by religion alone shouldn't be the reason why people should abstain from certain practices, but abstinence has to be voluntary. For, it is the best way to test how easily a person falls prey to his/her desires. Read on the remarkable quotes on abstinence which will tell you why shunning your desires at times, is really important.

Saint Augustine

To many, total abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.