Weapons are what you need when you know the enemy is dangerously close. Plough through this article for famous weapon quotations and sayings.

Weapon Quotes

The pen is mightier than the sword, or so they say. However, try holding a pen against a manís neck and see if he shudders in fright, highly unlikely. However, try holding a gun to the head of that same man or a sword to the neck of the same man and watch him shudder in fright and mostly give into your wishes. It is this power that comes with weapons that has made man the weapon hungry monster that he is. Read on to discover famous weapon quotations and sayings.

The world continues to offer glittering prizes to those who have stout hearts and sharp swords.

- F. E. Smith

Resentment seems to have been given us by nature for a defense, and for a defense only! It is the safeguard of justice and the security of innocence.

- Adam Smith

The truth is often a terrible weapon of aggression. It is possible to lie, and even to murder, with the truth.

- Alfred Adler

Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion... in private self-defense.

- John Adams

Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollar, we wouldn't have any innocent bystander.

- Chris Rock

Humor is the first of the gifts to perish in a foreign tongue.

- Virginia Woolf

We are ready to sacrifice our souls, our children and our families so as not to give up Iraq. We say this so no one will think that America is capable of breaki

- Saddam Hussein

In order for a war to be just, three things are necessary. First, the authority of the sovereign. Secondly, a just cause. Thirdly, a rightful intention.

- Saint Thomas Aquinas

The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.

- Niels Bohr

Above all else, we need a reaffirmation of political commitment at the highest levels to reducing the dangers that arise both from existing nuclear weapons and from further proliferation.

- Kofi Annan

A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us.

- Margaret Thatcher

I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.

- Tom Stoppard

We cannot be both the world's leading champion of peace and the world's leading supplier of the weapons of war.

- Jimmy Carter

No weapon has ever settled a moral problem. It can impose a solution but it cannot guarantee it to be a just one.

- Ernest Hemingway

If I am shot at, I want no man to be in the way of the bullet.

- Andrew Johnson

You've got to forget about this civilian. Whenever you drop bombs, you're going to hit civilians.

- Barry Goldwater

The pitcher has got only a ball. I've got a bat. So the percentage in weapons is in my favor and I let the fellow with the ball do the fretting.

- Hank Aaron

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

- Joseph Stalin

The only real power comes out of a long rifle.

- Joseph Stalin

Air warfare is a shot through the brain, not a hacking to pieces of the enemy's body.

- J. F. C. Fuller

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.

- Carlos Santana

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

- General George S. Patton

It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.

- General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

It is not just a simple game, it is a weapon of the revolution.

- Che Guevara

A belief is like a guillotine, just as heavy, just as light.

- David Hockney

I have observed that baseball is not unlike a war, and when you come right down to it, we batters are the heavy artillery.

- Ty Cobb

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

- John Jay

Words are as strong and powerful as bombs, as napalm.

- Dorothy Day

Historic in a good sense, not historic in a sense of 'so we dropped bombs on everyone.'

- Jon Stewart

We hear so much about weapons of mass destruction, ... But nine out of 10 war victims are killed by guns. It's the AK-47 that's a weapon of mass destruction

- Andrew M. Niccol

Nine out of 10 war victims die from a gun

- Andrew M. Niccol

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