Does the very thought of ghosts and spirits give you the shivers? Read your way through this article for a whole lot of famous quotations and sayings on spirits.

Ghosts Quotes

"Would you believe it someone if told you that right now behind you there stand around thirty ghosts and that is because this is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living? Well, this might just be true, at least going by the opinions shared by Arthur C. Clarke in ‘The Space Odyssey’. For more than a million people, there always exists that question – Do ghosts and spirits exist or not? As of now and maybe even forevermore, nothing really can be known for sure. Read on to discover famous quotations and sayings on spirits. "

While some people believe in their existence, a few others dismiss 'ghosts' as superstition. The word has been sparking off debates across the world for several decades now. Several people, in the recent past, have cited horrific stories of their ghost encounters. One such shocking description which led many people to believe in spirits was that of a family which resided in a haunted mansion situated in Amityville, USA. The members of this family claimed they saw apparitions of supernatural entities and even heard voices of the dead. A few people rubbish such claims and call them phony. They would probably call it superstition, until they experience something eerie.

O Death, rock me asleep, bring me to quiet rest, let pass my weary guiltless ghost out of my careful breast.

- Anne Boleyn

What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?

- Michelangelo

Following the Rumanian tradition, garlic is used in excess to keep the vampires away.

- Calvin Marshall Trillin

There is no ghost so difficult to lay as the ghost of an injury.

- Alexander Smith

On Halloween, witches come true; Wild ghosts escape from dreams. Each monster dances in the park.

- Nicholas Gordon

His claim to his home is deep, but there are too many ghosts. He must absorb without being absorbed.

- William Morris

I never really address myself to any image anybody has of me. That's like fighting with ghosts.

- Sally Field

Shakespeare also introduces the supernatural into some of his tragedies; he introduces ghosts, and witches who have supernatural knowledge.

- Andrew Coyle Bradley

Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days.

- Anonymous

At first cock-crow the ghosts must go Back to their quiet graves below.

- Anonymous

I don't know that there are real ghosts and goblins, but there are always more trick-or-treaters than neighborhood kids.

- Robert Brault

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