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Quotes By Athlete

Arthur Ashe Quotes

Arthur Ashe has left an undeniable mark in the field of tennis since he was the first African American to reach the highest position possible in this field....

Chi Chi Rodriguez Quotes

Athlete Chi Chi Rodriguez, was born on 23th October 1935. Here is a list of quotes by Chi Chi Rodriguez

Lawrence Peter Berra Quotes

Athlete Lawrence Peter Berra, an American, was born on 12th May 1925. Here is a list of quotes by Lawrence Peter Berra

Mia Hamm Quotes

Athlete Mia Hamm, an American, was born on 17th March 1972. Here is a list of quotes by Mia Hamm

Venus Williams Quotes

This outstandingly exceptional tennis player has not only been in news for her phenomenal sporting abilities, but also for her fashion sense, which...

Wayne Gretzky Quotes

Athlete Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian, was born on 26th January 1961. Here is a list of quotes by Wayne Gretzky

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