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If its famous quotes on Useless & Stupidity that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Useless & Stupidity that you want.

Useless & Stupidity Quotes

Sometimes, being useful and recreational isn’t the best thing. When you need time off, you are allowed to be utterly useless! Dictionaries define useless as having no useful qualities or not serving any purpose and having no practical good in them. Synonymously, futility, in vain and ineffectual can be used to describe the adjective useless. So, does useless mean trying to be useful and failing? Or simply not giving it a 100% and thus being useless? A good guess would be either of the two! Preview some of these famous quotes and get a better insight.

Foolishness Quotes

What really matters is to stress on the fact that it can never pay to be foolish and how much more important it is to be wise.

Futility Quotes

However, in testing times such as these it is important to think with a straight head which will only help you beat futility at its own game.

Idiots Quotes

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Ignorance & Stupidity Quotes

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Mystery Quotes

You need a bit of intelligence if it is an ordinary case you’re cracking or else you need to be a professional investigator (like the CID) and hunt down the puzzle! Either ways, use some of these mystery quotes to lighten your mood up now and then!.

Nothing Quotes

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Ridicule Quotes

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