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If its famous quotes on Time & Period that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Time & Period that you want.

Time & Period Quotes

Most of us are those very interesting personalities who would like to spend most of their time by sleeping peacefully instead of living those moments to the fullest. World and its dynamics such as gravity, air, atmosphere and people themselves are the deliberate intelligent design of a super power, that goes on and on without the help of an external force or programmer. Sometimes, we curse time for being harsh on us when things are not in the way we wanted it. If you look into the reality deeply, you can understand that problem lies not in the time but in the situation and if you think deeper, you will get to know that you still have the power to alter the situations which you find difficult. Nobody can tie the time to his/her bed but it goes on by throwing its daffodils of incidents on them. Read and share these quotes on time and period that have great philosophical insights in them.

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