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Senior Quotes

Some of the most memorable moments of life are the days spent in college. Interaction with seniors plays a very significant role in establishing cordial relationship with them and helps the juniors learn about the things experienced by their elder ones. Juniors and their seniors often share a unique bond during the college days. Seniors often play the multi-faceted role of a friend and a guide. Farewell is a golden chance for juniors to convey their heartfelt wishes to their seniors and extend their sincere gratitude to them. Given below are some nice senior quotes, which can be used in your graduation or farewell speech. Go through these sayings and quotations, picking the ones that you find most appropriate.

Garrett Hedlund

When my senior prom was happening, I was in Malta filming 'Troy.'

Betty White

I may be a senior, but so what? I'm still hot.

Take time to love, to hear, to see. But most of all take time to be!

If you can stay calm while terror surrounds you, you probably haven't fully understood the situation.

Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the Passover.

Believing that no one is better than the other. You know I grew up in the South. My senior year there was a very big racial tension.

Long lives aren't natural. We forget that senior citizens are as much an invention as toasters or penicillin.

I participated on debating teams and in student government, and served as senior class president.

I began playing in the senior circuit when I was 15 and won the world senior amateur title the same year.

Sports Achievement Age Sharing

I don't see myself playing or adjusting my schedule for senior tournament golf.