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If its famous quotes on Science & Technology that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Science & Technology that you want.

Science & Technology Quotes

Science and technology is closely associated there is no denying that we are hugely dependent on them in your daily life. The booming automobile and the transport industries have revolutionized our lives completely. Look at how bicycles have now been evolved into the use of bikes; type writers into modern laptops and landlines into fancy mobile sets. All these are a result of science and technology. Now, let’s get into detail and read some of the famous science and technology quotations and sayings.

Energy Quotes

These famous power quotations and sayings also emphasize on the importance of positive energy and how it can make you successful if you use it to your full potential.

Experiment Quotes

Here is a collection of famous experiment quotes to help you get a better insight on the topic.

Growth Quotes

Read on to gain access to famous enlargement quotations and sayings on growth and enlargement.

Guns Quotes

Take the time to read the following quotes and sayings on guns and pistols.

Illusion Quotes

Look below to read theses out of the ordinary illusion quotation and sayings.

Machine Quotes

You could probably use some of these machine quotations and sayings if you’re studying about them!.

Mathematics Quotes

Interesting isn’t it? So, don’t stop reading! Go on to the famous offense quotes and sayings!.

Reflection Quotes

These famous reflection quotations and sayings will prove the importance of thoughtfulness and self reflection and will make you realize the benefits of reflecting upon a situation and relating issues before taking a step forward towards it.

Repetition Quotes

Go through the article below to access some famous repetition and recurrence quotations and sayings.

Science Quotes

Read on the following article to get an idea about science quotations and sayings.

Space Quotes

Flip through this interesting compilation of famous space quotes and sayings to know what great minds have to say about it.