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If its famous quotes on Morality that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Morality that you want.

Morality Quotes

A person with values has morality in him. Now, it is very interesting to note the variations in each person’s view about morality because there really are that many! Morality is basically having good principles, behaving in a certain manner and respecting the norms of the society you live in. It is a personal set of unwritten and unsaid rules that you abide by for your welfare and that of everyone around you! There is nothing really right and wrong about morality. Read some very moral and some not-so-ethical quotations in the next section!

Clever Quotes

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Courtesy Quotes

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Equality Quotes

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Ethics Quotes

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Forgiveness Quotes

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Generosity Quotes

However, at the end of it all, with all their money, do the rich really feel good about themselves? Not really! To truly feel good about yourself, with all your money and your riches, it is important to give, give away until hurts.

Giving Quotes

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Greatness Quotes

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Honesty Quotes

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Humility Quotes

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Obedience Quotes

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Obligation Quotes

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Quite Quotes

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Selflessness Quotes

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Sincerity Quotes

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Unity Quotes

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Usefulness Quotes

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Virtue Quotes

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