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If its famous quotes on Life & Philosophy that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Life & Philosophy that you want.

Life & Philosophy Quotes

Life’s philosophy differs from individual to individual. While some people believe in "Live life, king size!" and "Life is fun", others believe that “There is no life on other planet. But, it isn’t easy on this one either!” Every life is made up of several little ideas, events and people, which when assembled together, fit the jigsaw puzzle. And it is these small events and ideas that shape up our attitude towards life. To understand more about life and its philosophy, flip through the next section for famous quotes about life and philosophy!

Caution Quotes

These famous warning quotations and sayings given below will show you how important it is to take action rather than go with caution.

Consequences Quotes

To know why one should take into account the consequences before any action, read the consequences quotes given below.

Death Quotes

Go ahead and share these quotations and saying with others, especially those who are in need of peace, serenity and wisdom.

Destiny Quotes

Go ahead and read on to gain access to a wide array of quotes on fate or destiny!.

Funeral Quotes

Read on these quotes to realize the importance of funeral.

Goodness Quotes

But that doesn't make you a sinner - one can always redeem oneself! Find your way through this article for famous sayings and quotations on being good and righteous.

Idealism Quotes

To explore more on school of idealism, check out these famous impracticality quotes and sayings.

Karma Quotes

For deeper insight into this, trail down the following famous Hinduism quotations and sayings.

Life Quotes

We hope that our collection on famous life sayings helps you develop an optimistic approach towards life.

Logic Quotes

It may not be difficult for some people but for others it can be quite a mammoth task! For more insights into common sense, read the following common sense quotations!.

Losing Quotes

Read on the next section to deal with your loss!.

Meaningful Quotes

You can also share these meaningful quotes with your friends, family members and loved ones.

Old Age Quotes

These evergreen quotations and sayings may have gathered a bit of dust but they are still very much applicable in today’s world.

Philosophy Quotes

Quotes on philosophy that are listed below will make you understand a little more about this subject.

Survival Quotes

Go ahead; become more familiar about what survival is all about by reading some of the most popular quotations and sayings.

Tragedy Quotes

Read further to get an insight about the great sorrow quotations and sayings.

Vanity Quotes

Scan through the next section, for some vanity quotes and sayings.