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If its famous quotes on Job & Career that you are looking for then here is where you will find all the quotations and sayings on Job & Career that you want.

Job & Career Quotes

A job is the only way for a person to live righteously in the society as its highly contributing member. An individual might get forced to live in streets or in ghettos if he doesn’t have a job in hand, unless he is not super rich to gamble in Casinos in weekends. Even people who were rich happened to live in very humble conditions without having a right discipline and job in life. The ultimate aim of a young person must be a job to support himself and his family. A splendid career is that what makes one a real winner. Read and share these quotes on job and career with your friends to have a great time, enlightening yourself about your future and career.

Commitment Quotes

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Focus Quotes

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Goals Quotes

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Hard Work Quotes

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Integrity Quotes

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Preparation Quotes

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Professionalism Quotes

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Reputation Quotes

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Results Quotes

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Teamwork Quotes

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Victory Quotes

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