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Insults Quotes

An insult is an expression or a deed committed with the view of demeaning a person. In most cases, it is done intentionally and is considered to be an inappropriate social conduct. Several countries and states vehemently oppose a derogatory public speech, which is deemed a sign of poor demeanor. An insult is often directed by a person, who has formed a misconception in his/her mind about another, with regard to their intentions.

Let’s look into the various kinds of insults. A few insults thrown at most of us, on a regular basis often put us in a state of self-doubt. For instance, if you are accused of being lethargic after taking a short nap due to a hard day at work by your colleagues. There are a few insults that are aimed at your insecurities like, you are insecure of turning fat and a friend comments the same to confirm it, making you dip to a low. Apart from these, the most hurting insults could be pointing out those regretful mistakes you made in the past.  Inhuman practices such as racism and discrimination based on ethnic, religious and political grounds are also considered forms of insult. Read these funny, quick-witted and famous insults quotations and sayings to understanding its meaning.

Walt Whitman

Re-examine all that you have been told... dismiss that which insults your soul.