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Infidelity Quotes

Your guy may have killer looks, tons of cash and is a renowned man, but that doesn’t really make him faithful towards you, or does it? Infidelity is probably one of the biggest concerns in any relationship. Buy it or not, being unfaithful is more of an addiction for some people. They resent the idea of being hooked to one single partner for all their life and always try to look for a game elsewhere. Cheating is a physical act which starts from making inappropriate emotional conversations with the opposite sex.

Infidelity can happen accidently with those who travel more related to work, drink their wits out, feel left out or do not feel bonded in their marriage. People also tend to step into relationships outside their marriage, this usually happens when you face a crisis in your life, and are unable to lead a normal life. There are also some instances regarding marriages, where people get caught in marriages and are in such a situation that they can neither be in the relationship nor can divorce their spouse.  These famous unfaithfulness quotations and sayings will give you some dope on unfaithfulness.