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Gifts Quotes

Have you ever noticed the kind of glee that spreads on a child’s face when he or she gets a gift? A very similar, but subtler version, of this glee can also be seen on an adult’s face under similar circumstances. Why is this the case? Well, this is the case because gifts and the idea of a gift is simply loved by one and all, irrespective of which age group or gender or nationality they belong to. Read on to discover for yourself delightful and famous quotations and sayings on gifts and presents.

Marcus Aurelius

Each day provides its own gifts.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Gods themselves cannot recall their gifts.

Virginia Woolf

Humor is the first of the gifts to perish in a foreign tongue.


Little unexpected gifts of love and happiness, warm and happy feelings friends and family express, simple joys that mean a lot and bring a smile your way. These are the wishes made for you with love, by all of us on Diwali and always.

A loving wish for all the gifts a Diwali is meant to bring, happiness and heart’s content to brighten everything, affection to surround you and happy thoughts to share, throughout the festival.

And his princes gave willingly unto the people, to the priests, and to the Levites: Hilkiah and Zechariah and Jehiel, rulers of the house of God, gave unto the priests for the passover offerings two thousand and six hundred small cattle and three hundred oxen.

Its another day 4 u. god picked another petals on your flower, wishing your flowers may bloom for year,

I send to your warm wishes,that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness, you have always given me. wish you happy birthday