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Firefighting Quotes

If there’s a fire in your building spreading thick and fast, do you think all the extinguishers available can help in dosing it? Not much, really. This is exactly where fire fighters come in handy and you can thank the good heavens that they do, for battling a fire without the assistance of firefighters, would be nothing but a nightmare come true. In an urban setting, fires are not too common, which often makes people brush aside the importance of the fire department. We tend to forget that they are the first ones to react to an emergency situation related to fire. They also help minimize the effect of an incident like forest fire and they also educate people on how to prevent fire. 

On a regular day, they may be seen sitting idle or responding to a false alarm raised by the smoke of a cigarette, but it is their incredible presence of mind that protects us from many fire disasters. They are the unsung heroes who selflessly risk their lives just to save ours. It's high time we praise them for their abilities. Please find below famous quotations and sayings on firefighting.