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Feminism Quotes

Women have always been deprived of their fundamental rights due to patriarchy, which has dominated our society for ages now. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that women are the ones who have brought us into this beautiful world. There is a common notion about the motherly duties of women that the mother needs to look after the children and justify all her so called motherly responsibilities.

This forces her to become the superhuman of the house who works hard to maintain the balance between her professional and personal life. Although there are many organizations dedicated for women empowerment, the fairer sex is still being disrespected all around the globe. Majority of men see women as a commodity and this mentality generally has been making women all over the world feel insecure. Objectifying women is a practice that really needs to change. Feminism gives them self-respect and increases the adoration of women as they become equal. It also gives them equality and increases a sense of self belongingness as they contribute significantly to their personal as well as professional life. Go ahead and read on for handpicked quotations and sayings on feminism. If you have been dominating women, you may reconsider your approach towards them after reading these quotes. 

Gloria Steinem

Feminism began to dawn on my brain belatedly in life.

Jane Fonda

I think feminism is about the spirit.