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Customers Quotes

Customers are the lifeline of any business and determine the growth or fall of a trade. They are more than just faces who mill around your store to buy goods. They are the yardstick who determine the potential of a business and dominate the trend of demand and supply. Without customers, there would be no jobs, no market, no GDP and ultimately no human development. Hence, it’s important to treat your customers with due respect, empathy and fairness. It’s very important to maintain a good relation with your customers, because a customer is like an opportunity, if you satisfy him he most probably will bring more business for you.

Advertising is really important since it attract customers, but it is the kind of service offered to the customer which makes a firm tick in the long run. A bad customer can teach any businessman some of the trade's greatest lessons.  Companies which are multi-billion dollar empires today probably understoodthis concept quite early and that’s probably the reason behind their immense success. They try and understand what the customer wants, rather than focusing on their product and thus make it big in the business. Here is an extensive collection of customer quotes to help you gauge their importance better in your life.

Bill Gates

Who decides what's in Windows? The customers who buy it.