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Conspiracy Quotes

Who doesn’t like to spend their time away in listening to some thrilling conspiracy theories! Conspiracy holds a special interest among people as these satisfy their curiosity for mystery. Most conspiracy theories have revolved around the life and death of high profile people, events and accidents. From the death of President John F Kennedy to UFO sightings, theorists are busy creating alternatives to what must have actually occurred in these tragic events.

Conspiracies have been occurring continually across the world since time immemorial. It implies a well-planned plot to victimize the innocent for the benefit of a handful of elite people. There have been many conspiracy theories in the past which eventually were proven to be true. These theories have often been misused by several individuals for political benefits. Conspiracy theories were used by Hitler and the Nazis to exterminate the Jews. According to a resource on internet, it would be interesting to know that the official story of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory in which the government claims 19 hijackers conspired together to hijack four planes and create terror in the world. To know what many people think of it read the conspiracy quotes given below.

Neil Armstrong

People love conspiracy theories.


There are conspiracy theorists who think I was crafted in a boardroom. Because I'm so very relatable and so very topical and so very Tumblr.

Malala Yousafzai

Any talk of me engaging in a conspiracy against Pakistan is completely baseless.

Bernie Sanders

In 1999, Hoffmann-LaRoche paid a $500 million criminal fine for leading a worldwide conspiracy to fix prices for certain vitamins.