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Committee Quotes

A committee is designated to study a certain situation within a period of time and arrive at a conclusion. The judgment of the members of a committee will be quite useful in further proceedings. A committee consists of people who are experts in the field of concern. For instance, several engineers might be appointed to observe the causes behind civic problems and to arrive at a conclusion. These committees are very important in every aspect of our life, right from managing the society you live in to governing the nation.

A committee must be smart, honest and hardworking to find the exact solution to a particular problem. A committee needs much time to arrive at a decision as they are a group of individuals who have different opinions on several things and it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion which the majority would agree with. A few people don’t approve of the concept of a committee, since it has many limitations, but still it is the most logical way for decision making. Read and share these quotes about committee with friends and family.

Nancy Pelosi

I will not be making appointments to a committee that is not bipartisan.

Mitch McConnell

Bills should go through committee.