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Climbing Quotes

While talking of adventure, one of the first thoughts that conjure up many minds is climbing. Climbing is quite a thrilling experience and many times they give memories to cherish for an entire lifetime. If you ask most people who love climbing about why they are so passionate about it, one common answer would probably be ‘one climbs for the heck of it’. ‘The higher you climb the better you feel’ is the divine mantra which many adventure enthusiasts believe in.

Many of them go into climbing just because it is an anti-sport. It is something that has no judges, no rules, and is not an activity that compels one to be competitive, unlike football, gymnastics and cricket. And most importantly, it helps in shedding all those calories which you couldn't for many years. It’s a game where the climber decides whether to go in groups or individually, make it safe and easy or dangerous and hard, depending on their preferences and he/she need not answer anybody. The only rule other than “Don’t Die” is “Be Honest about what you have climbed. Don’t harm the Rock”. It means that the style of the climber should not tamper the rock making it difficult for other climbers. Read these quotes to know about climbing better.