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Basketball Quotes

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the world's most popular sports today. There seems to be something magical about watching lanky players twisting, turning, and contorting in their fight to get the ball into the basket. An effective team game, basketball can test the very limit of human endurance. This game first came into existence in 1891 in the US state of Massachusetts, and it would be interesting to know that the hoops at that time were actually just peach baskets. This game later on became an official Olympic event  at the Summer Games held in Berlin, Germany, way back in 1936.

It is credited as the national game in the countries of Lithuania and Georgia. The game requires strategy, coordination, boundless stamina, skills and the spirit of a fighter. Over the years, several players have created unbelievable records in their basketball careers, for instance, the legendary Michael Jordan made headlines for scoring approximately 5,987 points in the playoffs. Another one was from Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 100 points in a single game back in 1962. The ability of such players to turn even an ordinary game into a nail-biting thriller is probably why millions adore basketball.  No wonder this sport has given the world numerous role models who have won millions of hearts by their grit and determination. Read these famous basketball quotations & sayings to get inspired.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I tell kids to pursue their basketball dreams, but I tell them to not let that be their only dream.

Dreams Dreams
Andre Iguodala

Yoga helps me with basketball, but it helps me outside of it more than anything.

Scottie Pippen

Most of basketball is in the mind. But it helps to have big hands.

Michael B. Jordan

I love sports. I've played basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, track and field growing up.

Gal Gadot

I danced for 12 years, and I played a lot team sports: basketball, volleyball.

Kevin Durant

I like women's basketball.

Marla Maples

I was homecoming queen. I was star of my basketball team.

Kawhi Leonard

When I'm away from basketball, I hang out with my friends, chill, and that's about it.

Dwyane Wade

I wanted to be a football player. Football is a sport that I love, but the more I started playing basketball, the more I started dreaming of playing in the NBA.

Eddie Murphy

In the original script, my character was a basketball player rather than a boxer. I didn't think I could pull that off. I'm a little short to be a basketball player!

LeBron James

I treated it like every day was my last day with a basketball.

Jeanie Buss

There's no crying in basketball!

Mia Hamm

I played basketball and soccer my freshman year in high school.

Shaquille O'Neal

Someday I might have to put down a basketball and have a regular 9-to-5 like everybody else.

Scottie Pippen

Basketball is such an escape from a lot of things.

Steve Nash

My father was a soccer player. All my friends played basketball though, so I stuck with basketball.

Jayson Tatum

School was very important. But I needed to watch basketball.

Stephen Curry

The biggest thing is just routine. I think that's the biggest correlation between golfers and basketball players.

Michael Jordan

There is no such thing as a perfect basketball player, and I don't believe there is only one greatest player either.


I'm not going to lie; listen, I'm nice at basketball.

Peyton Manning

You can play pickup basketball, but you can't really re-create football.

Dennis Rodman

I'm the basketball version of a gravedigger.

Andre Iguodala

It's the nature of basketball sometimes: every player and coach are going to have run-ins.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

I can't take my mind off basketball.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The only reason I went to college was to play basketball. I injured my knee and couldn't play.

Brandy Norwood

I love basketball.

Ice Cube

I've got a basketball signed by all the greats from Julius Irving to Oscar Robinson. It was at an All Star game I got them all to sign it. So that ain't going nowhere. I'm going to die with that in my casket.

Stephen Curry

Playing basketball all my life, I've collected a lot of different basketball shoes. It's pretty much all I wear.

Life Shoes
Andre Iguodala

I don't want to be a basketball player that's a businessman. I want to be a businessman that's a business.

Andre Iguodala

I came to the Bay Area not just to play basketball but to explore business interests.

Shaquille O'Neal

I started out as a football player. I liked to inflict pain. In basketball, it was the same thing.

Justin Timberlake

Honestly, the only thing I loved when I was a kid was basketball. I was an athlete when I was a kid, and that was it.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Leading your family is a lot tougher than basketball.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

I want to be an all-around basketball player.

Clint Eastwood

I played a little basketball. Some football in junior high.

Scottie Pippen

I had watched Magic my whole career, even before my career, and so I knew the style of player that he was, and I knew what I had to do to prohibit him from being as effective on the basketball court as he had been throughout his career.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

I love basketball.