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Bad Friends Quotes

Friends undoubtedly play a pivotal role in our personal lives and career. I  remember a quote that I came across during my schooldays, which said, “A person is known by his friends”. I learned how true it is only several years after the time I first heard it. Our friends tend to influence many of our decisions, many times even negatively. Hence, it is important to identify a toxic friend soon, to avoid being scarred for life. There are several people who befriend us for selfish reasons and nothing else. So it's time you turn on the bad friend radar.

The company of such friends can sometimes be very dangerous, since they always try to manipulate others to get what they want. On the flip side, bad friends also help us identify the right and the wrongs. Most people at some point of their lives have been with bad friends and have regretted such toxic bonds. Maybe this is why a few parents advice their kids to have only a few, trustworthy friends, rather than hang around with people of all kinds. Read these quotes on bad friends to know what kind of people we need to avoid.