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Athletics Quotes

For an athlete, it's the thought of performing better each time and the desire to win that matter the most and keep him going. Athletics keeps one fit both physically and mentally and playing a sport is undoubtedly one of the best forms of recreation.

The word 'athletics' reminds many people of the world famous olympic games, held once in every four years. Several thrilling Olympic contests of the past are available online. Running races, where an athlete lagging behind by a mile, unexpectedly wins the conest have inspired even those who aren't into sports.

Athletes are of that breed of fighters who are dedicated and try their best to be consistent. They boldly embrace any challenging situation in a game to embrace victory. The greatest athletes of the world have a ‘never say quit’ attitude that helps them sail through pain and failures easily. When they triumph, they become beacons for others to follow their path. Athletes can teach you that high rewards can only come through determination, because talent alone cannot make you successful. An athlete’s life resembles to that of a coal which undergoes immense pressure and temperature to change into diamond. So, if you are finding it hard to reach your goal, then reading these athletics quotes should boost your morale.