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Assertiveness Quotes

One has to be assertive at different points of life and he himself should define these points. The simplest way to define assertiveness is not to compromise on your wishes. Assertiveness is an important communication skill where you need to speak out for yourself without sounding aggressive.  In life, there are situations where other people make decisions for you. It’s during these times that you have to be firm and learn to say ‘no’.  Assertiveness has a huge role to play when it comes to preserving one’s worth and is deemed as one of the pillars of honor and success.

Being assertive when required also indirectly improves your confidence level and self-esteem. Most importantly, people don't treat an assertive person like a doormat and instead respect them. Assertiveness becomes the only way to solve problems in professional situations in an appropriate manner. On the other side, non-assertive people adopt a passive-aggressive behavior which is their indirect expression of hostility through stubbornness or repeated failure to accomplish the requested tasks. A passive person is treated no differently from a garbage bag which is trashed once it is full. Read these quotes about assertiveness to be stronger in life.