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Approval Quotes

Generally, approval plays a big role in our day to day lives, especially in today's times, where the authorities have imposed many rules for us to follow. For instance, only on the approval of the authorities a citizen gets his passport and visa. Otherwise, traveling overseas would just be a dream if approval has been denied. Likewise, the denial of approval (more than conscience) prevents many of us from indulging in crimes, even if we are tempted to committing them.

Most of us would have faced instances where we strive hard, be it for our community or a firm and crave for approval. The lack of appreciation of the people around us even after striving hard negatively impacts our morale, sometimes. Unfortunately, many times our actions demand the approval of the society. For example, live-in relationships and homosexuality were considered ‘unnatural’ in many nations and individuals practicing them were considered outcasts. Approval may be unavoidable many times, especially where government rules are involved. However, it depends on the individual whether he wants to please the people in his/her life (especially friends and family) to seek their approval. Throw a glance at these approval quotes to wise yourself up.