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Apologies Quotes

Apologies work in situations where one can’t move forward without making an apology. However, an apology should be always made from the heart. An insincere apology is worse than an insult. At times, a fake apology, which is filled with bad excuses, can backfire and make a real mess of a situation. When one makes an apology, he/she should be sincere enough about his feelings.

Apologies are quite powerful and have the ability to bring bitter foes together, be it people or even two nations at loggerheads. They can help in ceasing the alarming sounds of gunshots and bombshells. Apologizing to an old friend whom you hurt long ago, can not only help in making him feel better, but also help you get rid of the guilt that has been plaguing you for several years.

Apologies on many occasions turn out to be the simplest ways of solving even some of the world's most complex problems. However, we tend not to say sorry, thanks to Mr. Ego who stops us from making this sweet gesture. Many people have claimed that although they were initially apprehensive of apologizing, they were surprised by the benefits of saying sorry.

Read these quotes on apologies and make your life easy.