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Adoption Quotes

Adoption is divine because it gives a child a life which he/she really deserved, but was denied cruelly by fate. Bible says ‘He who brings up, not he who begets, is the father’. A person 's decision to adopt not only changes a child’s life significantly, but also makes the foster parent feel good about himself for making such a noble move. Adopting is also quite challenging, since it is really important for the foster parents to make the child, or even pet, for that matter, feel comfortable in his new home. They also need to develop a strong emotional bond with the new member of the family.

These days’ social media platforms are making it much easier to adopt. These sites have even been helping in reuniting people with their biological parents. The government too has played an important role in making the process of adoption easy and hassle free. Education has changed the way society perceives adoption. Previously, adoption was looked down upon as a failure of a person to give birth, but now people think it is really important to make a difference to kids without parents. Read these wise  quotes about adoption to remind yourself the power you have in deciding a child’s destiny.

Sophia Bush

I want to get married again and have kids and even adopt.

Quentin Crisp

Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.